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#2 – Wireless network deployment

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05.02.2019 12:16 MSK
Forget expensive, full-time technicians. Whether it’s a new building or time for an upgrade, our teams of local Field Engineers can provide on-site survey and installation of your wireless network solution.Immediately after your company submits a Work Order in our platform, our dispatch team contacts a qualified, experienced Field Engineer in your community with the availability to complete your project. Our technicians have the field experience necessary to hit the ground running; securely installing, configuring and testing your wireless network connection to make sure everything you need is operating at peak performance. Once we verify with you that the project has been completed to your satisfaction, simply close out the Work Order and get back to business.An onsite survey is very useful when planning an upgrade to an existing network, or after a remodel. This type of survey is more detailed as the technician will be testing with a live network. These tests will identify weak or overloaded areas. Once the trouble areas are found, we will determine if new equipment needs to be installed or wireless device channels need to be changed.Onsite surveys are more in-depth but yield better results for existing hardware deployments